Mary Jane Agra


    A true artist at heart, Mary Jane Agra, commonly known as MJ, continues to make her mark on the global stage as a Storyteller and Creative Director. A graduate of Canada's Ryerson University’s renowned School of Radio and Television Arts Broadcasting program, this Jane of All Trades already has an array of experience under her belt on-camera as a Host, Actor, and Commercial Model, and behind-the-scenes as a Magazine Editor, News Writer, Creative Director, and Producer. A natural go-getter with an unrelenting passion and curiosity for all facets of media, MJ learned the ropes by collaborating and working with numerous productions and fashion and lifestyle magazines like CHLOE, TOM*, and ACCENT. 

She has mastered Content Production for Print, Television, Film, Radio, and New Media: from directing a daytime lifestyle television segment, producing a radio show, screenwriting an original television drama series, to producing interview segments with high-profile celebrities for features in print publications to news shows like ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT CANADA.

This Asian-Canadian born in Dubai has an extensive experience in hospitality and aviation - having worked for EMIRATES as a Brand Ambassador representing the world's number one airline as their Spokesperson for media events across diverse cosmopolitan cities like Beirut, St. Moritz, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi, and her hometown, Toronto! Having ticked off more than 100 destinations off her bucket list , MJ is proud to share her whirlwind of adventures on her travel and lifestyle blog DREAMING OF SUNSETS with the hopes that you can live vicariously through her and see the beauty of life in the simplest of moments, whether it be through witnessing a breathtaking sunset or making a rare human connection in another part of the world. 

With her growing passion for the ever changing media landscape, MJ has recently lead digital media and creative content strategies for multimedia campaigns for several brands in travel, hospitality, beauty, and lifestyle including BEAUTY BUTTON mobile app and ADRIFT, a global empire of Michelin-starred dining temples in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, and India.

Currently in Dubai, she is the Founder and CEO of ADELIA LUXURY TRAVELS - an upcoming business venture inspired by her late mother, who influenced her zest for life and entrepreneurial spirit. Join her journey and stay tuned for more exciting projects to come!