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A Day In The Life


By Mary Jane Agra


Polished from head-to-toe with the right dose of confidence, this charismatic duo sets the platform for a modern-day cornucopia of style. With Tom Ford as their long-time fashion icon, their style is the very embodiment of simplicity, luxury, and sophistication. Their own stylists, they shop anywhere from Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen, Zara, H&M, to their all-time favorite Canadian brand, Joe Fresh by Joe Mimran.


Other than their innate sense of style and inexplicable charm, their infectious energy and zest for life are what made them the biggest personalities and most influential design duos on daytime television today. Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman are as authentic as they can get, whether on camera, at a restaurant, or just walking down the street. They established their careers in 2001 with Designer Guys up until the launch of their current success, Steven and Chris on CBC, with an American slot on ABC’s Live Well Network. The small town natives, Steven from Niagara Falls and Chris from Newfoundland, met 25 years ago in Toronto through mutual friends and have since slowly created a niche for themselves. They credit the “Queen of the business,” Marilyn Denis on CityTv’s Cityline, as their main inspiration to follow suit with this career path. With the continuous growth of their home décor line to their repertoire of successful shows, they admit that fear is both their greatest obstacle and source of motivation. “Everyday, Chris and I are afraid, we’re two small towners doubting ourselves in this big world. Every single time we go to perform, there’s a milestone to overcome everyday. Fear is something that has become really positive for us, so we do the best we can out there. If they like it, then amazing. If not, then that’s okay too,” says Steven.


Fashion and home décor are so analogous, that various elements off the fashion runways have become key inspirations in the creation of furniture pieces. The strong comeback of the skull trend gives Steven every reason to pull out favourite items from his closet, an Alexander McQueen scarf with skull detailing, and a skull t-shirt from Australia, which he confesses to “wearing far too much.” Better yet, skulls are a hot item in their home décor line! And onto another personal favourite, “Denim is really hot in fashion right now, on the runways and with the new Gap ad campaign going back to blue. What’s interesting is that blue is really hot in home décor as well,” says Steven. “And let’s not forget about vintage!” Chris chimes in. “This year, it’s all about the kelly green color, which has a vintage feel. If you love it, great, but don’t get into trends too much. It’s more about your personal style and who you are.” His love for vintage does not end there, a self-proclaimed vintage lover, he will rummage through second-hand stores around the world for a unique fashion find.


For the holidays, the couple plans on celebrating Christmas in Barbados, as they do every year. “We fell in love with the island and people. It is our sanctuary where we go to recharge, regenerate, and get a tan!” says Steven. Another place that left quite an impression on the couple is Bali, following a trip three years ago. “The way of life there is very kind and calming. It makes you realize the value of just enjoying life and the people around you. We tend to move quicker and forget to put our hands together and give thanks,” says Steven. As a way of giving back, they are working with different charities, like the women’s shelter, in promoting charity awareness. And with the Steven and Chris show, they are adding a different element to it by shooting on-location and taking viewers along while they experience fun things throughout the city. Chris proudly suggests, “Look forward to a more upbeat show than ever before!”


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