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CHANEL GLITTERS UP, and so should YOU!

by Mary Jane Agra


French fashion house Chanel sets the stage for what it truly means to be grandiose this season. This season, runway darlings were sparkling as they strut the largely monochromatic tweeds down the catwalk at Paris’s Grand Palais. The genius in Chanel’s former creative director of makeup, Peter Philips, was responsible for yet another original and innovative DIY crafty look. For a futuristic take on the traditional cat-eye, Philips glued pieces of silver sequins along the eyelids and upper lashes for a flickering effect - and no, we're not paying reference to the cameras here - it was simply eye makeup at its finest. And for the finishing touch - a long black line underneath the lower lash with Chanel's Le crayon Khôl eye liner.

Compared to Philip’s bejeweled eyebrows at Chanel last Fall, this year’s sparkled lids can easily transcend into a go-to glamorous look for a night-out. Don’t be intimidated by the sequins,think of them as just another pair of lashes to put on. Achieving the look is easier than it looks - witha  little glue, some shiny disks, and lots of commitment. 


1. First and foremost, get your sequins! Opt for circular and smaller-sized sequins, as these are easier to work with. You can find them at any craft store, makeup supply chain, or even the dollar store for a reasonable price.

2. Start with a natural base, then apply your usual makeup sans the eyeliner. keep it minimal and along the nude tones. 

3. With a pair of tweezers, dab some glue on a piece of sequin then slowly place it onto the upper eyelid. Repeat with the other pieces - starting from the inner lids continuing outwards until you've covered your designated area. Carefully glue the sparkles onto the lower lids following th shape of a liner. You have the option of drawing a line prior to prior to the sequin application to make the shape easier to follow. Use a cotton swab to aid in the application and to tidy up any unnecessary messes.

4. You can then decide how much thicker you want your sequined liner to be - it all depends on your comfort level. 

5. Last but not the least, to be the ultimate Chanel girl, apply a black liner along your lower lash line. This further open up the eyes and completed the look - and voilà! 



by Mary Jane Agra


Earcuffs are no longer relics of the '90s. Designers like Jason Wu, Thakoon, and Rodarte are marking the resurgence of these jewelled extensions - from floral, whimsical, and structured, to Swarovski embedded and diamond studded designs. Makeup visionary, Peter Philips, perfected the look; he gave models at the Dries show artistically crafted ear gems, comprised of chunky rock crystals meticulously glued to the ear for a high-impact mosaic pattern. The surge has made its way into Hollywood too. Fashionistas like Lara Bingle, Kate Bosworth, and Diane Kruger were all spotted with ear bling, and we don't blame them, the fashion accessory brings maximal flair to minimal styling. Christmas is just around the corner. So while you're occupied with some holiday shopping, why not indulge yourself (your ears for that matter) with a different kind of ornamentation. 



by Mary Jane Agra


Take your feline appeal up a notch! Bright colored liners make for a foxy glam cate eye in a few simple swipes. If subdued, they make for staple day looks, colored creases give just the right pick-me-up for a night out in town.  


As winter’s dark days loom around the corner, designers as well as makeup and nail artists alike are rolling out vibrant neon hues to rebel against this season’s predictable moody shades. The infamous cat-eye has been a steady fixture since its claim to fame in the '60s, and is continuously being given a makeover this season by adding a pop of color. 


Dior makeup artist, Pat McGrath, ditched the traditional black liner and topped off runway looks with a futuristic silver upsweep - infusing some vibrancy and a little flirty appeal to the collection's structured feminity. At Karen Walker, an even bigger rebellion took place as graphic eyeliners in bright orange and striking green hues made for over-the-top beauty looks. Stila’s lead makeup artist, Adrien Pinault, was singin’ the blues as he drew the winged liner with a vivid matte cobalt color at Honor. Jason Wu followed suit with a powerful blue-violet shade inspired by a violet accordion silk dress that closed the designer’s fall runway show. The cat-eye at Michael Kors was given a little twist - a subtle shimmer on the inner part of the eyes and outer corners accented with a black shadow. Finally at Badgely Mischka, technicolor wings and a hue of baby blue were not for the understated. Fall beauty was a warm display of color despite the cool, autumn chill.

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