NIKO MEJIA, Hospitality Manager


"I had several opportunities to collaborate with MJ in a number of projects. As one of the journalists for several major fashion and artistic events in Toronto, MJ was able to capture some of the most memorable and beautiful moments through her work. Her quality photographs and creative but impactful writing style are a joy to read. Her commitment to social media channels using her talent and skills to share her passion for writing, photography, and fashion are most noticeable in her content.


NICOLE MESZAROS, Emirates Ambassador Business Promotions, Budapest

"I have known MJ in a variety of capacities for many years. She has been an excellent colleague and friend to me. MJ is detail-oriented and extremely competent, knows how to think outside the box. She has great talent and passion for writing and editing. MJ's excellent communication skills allow her to connect with all kinds of people and to inspire them to discover their own potential. I highly recommend MJ for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue." 


DAISY HSIEH, UCreate Studio Creative Director, Toronto

"I have used MJ's creative talents over the years for my business. She is a multitalented artist, has positive energy, really enjoyable and easy to work with. She follows direction well and flawlessly articulates my ideas in writing."

David Myers Gypsychef

DAVID MYERS, Global Restauranteur & Travel Host, Los Angeles

"Mary Jane has been essential in guiding our global media strategy for all of our brands. She has crafted a brilliant direction that fits our message perfectly. Her immense talent in photography, editing, and most importantly, the ability to tell a story, has been key in helping our brand grow. She is a true professional with an artistic devotion to her work. What I love most about her is how hands on she is with every detail. Her attention to detail and having her finger on the pulse. It's bene nothing short of a pleasure to work with her."


DANIEL SASVARI, Creative Designer, 


"MJ is a spirited writer, whom I will be forever indebted to, inspiring me to pursue my dreams in designing. She is not just creative but also a great multi-tasker and an inspiration to many of us." 

muh aziko

MUHAMMAD NUGRAHA, Premium Emirates Cabin Crew, Dubai

"She may be just one person in the world, but she might be the whole world to someone. Whenever MJ puts her mind into something, she is unstoppable. Her capacity for task is infinite, amazing, and I'm lucky to get the opportunity to work and learn from her during our flights together working in Emirates Premium Cabins catering to VIPs and IO clients.


PHILIPPE, Emirates Cabin Supervisor, EK229                                DXB-SEA  

"MJ took advantage of opportunities to interact with High-Valued customers before and after the service. She used the KIS Elite Pad and Passenger List to discover passenger preferences. This was commented by a couple of the  and even memorized them to enhance their inflight experience. Passengers found her interaction to be professional and engaging.  Also, MJ ensured that allocated tasks were confirmed and completed by the deadline and demonstrated examples of being a team player - from assisting her colleagues with their work load to sharing food in the galley during breaks. During a challenge with one of our in-flight systems, MJ found alternative solutions in case of an unsuccessful reset, and built a strong rapport with the passengers - offering them drinks while offering travel advice on their destination - minimizing the amount of service recovery required."


LISA, Emirates Cabin Supervisor,

EK241                          DXB-YYZ  

" MJ assisted customers throughout the flight and paid special attention to mothers traveling alone with kids. She consistently checked up on them providing baby bottles and food throughout the flight. She was also quick to spot a medical case and managed a sick customer during boarding in Dubai. With her prompt action, she managed to pass on the relevant information to the seniors so the sick customer can be provided immediate medical attention."


VIVEK, Emirates Cabin Supervisor,

EK382                           DXB-HKG 

"Mary is observed to be very considerate towards her colleagues. She was always offering her assistance to her team after finishing her own tasks. She displayed positive body language throughout the trip and  is very proud about her role as a cabin crew which motivated other crew members.


YUKARI, Emirates Cabin Supervisor, EK211                              DXB-NRT 

"MJ was a very hard working crew who promptly attended to customers needs and assisted her colleagues whenever needed. When I made a mistake, she quickly adapted to the situation, remained calm and helped me greatly in resolving the different challenges throughout the flight. Her positive attitude created good team work dynamic among our team and was inspiring to see as a team leader. She was very proactive and performed her duties professionally and elegantly."

ALI, Emirates Cabin Supervisor,

EK729                        DXB-EBB 

"I observed MJ to be very keen on delivering the service with style and executes her duties up to standards. She was organized and punctual from briefing. MJ took the initiative to greet all high-valued customers, which is usually the team leader's job, but she owned the task and did it happily. She even prepared their preferred drinks beforehand, and was much appreciated by our VIPs. I also observed her to be looking out for a customer in need in the cabin and helping them use our OnAir services and ICE entertainment system for a more relaxing flight."


CATHERINE, Emirates Cabin Supervisor, EK211                                    DXB-IAH 

"Mary maintained a positive attitude towards her role and was especially keen on assisting mothers traveling with infants. She was also always in the cabin interacting with customers and looking for ways to enhance their travel experience."


RANDA, Emirates Cabin Supervisor, EK0055                           DXB-DUS

"Good feed back was received from a passenger seated at 14K in the business class cabin. He left very happy and thanked the crew for their hard work during this memorable flight to Dusseldorf. He added to that MJ tried her best to create an astonishing atmosphere in the cabin. She also accepted feed back positively from her leaders, and is very keen to enhance her performance concerning the premium class service."


RHIAN, Emirates Cabin Supervisor, EK038                              DXB-PEK 

"MJ is polite, friendly and approachable at all times, not to her colleagues and customers. She took the time to explain details of the service to a customer who wanted to maximize his rest, and reserved a breakfast meal for him to eat when he wakes up. MJ assisted colleagues whenever possible, taking orders for another crew member during hectic hours on the flight."


NATALIA, Emirates Cabin Crew,

EK793                        DXB-LAD

"Mary Jane was not only very kind and polite with passengers, but as well with colleagues. During the service, I had a pleasure to work with MJ and it was impressive to see her find ways to interact with the customer, which is rare on the busy flights."


DEBORA, Emirates Cabin Supervisor, EK077                               DXB-NCE 

"MJ is pleasant to work with, she was observed smiling at her colleagues and customers at all times.  She is not shy to interact with customers and builds a rapport with them. She pays keen attention to detail and communicates all situation with her seniors especially if it concerns high-valued customers."


SOYLANNE, Emirates Cabin Supervisor,

EK955                                    DXB-BEI

"I would like to thank Mary Jane for a job well done during our recent trip to Beirut. I was impressed with her willingness to get the job done without any guidance or assistance. She was of immense help to the Cabin Supervisor, and her organizational skills and thinking ahead really helped in delivering a fast and efficient service to the customers."


VALENTINA, Emirates Purser,

EK071                   DXB-CDG

"Customer specifically asked me to pass their feedback to the company regarding Mary, who was smiling, caring and friendly. I have also observed Mary talking to the customers and taking pictures of the couple making their flight home memorableCustomer asked for the email address of CASA and stated that they will send an email to compliment Mary."